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Recent projects

Here you will find an overview of the projects we are currently working on or that we recently completed. This list is not all-inclusive, but offers a good representation of our products and activities.


State of Siege

Navine Khan-Dossos (website) created a work of art in one of the buildings on the former barracks "Tapijn" in Maastricht. The Art and Heritage Commission (KEC) of Maastricht University asked us to make a documentary about the origin of this work.
You can see the film here.

Other productions for KEC are “Kunstig Glas” (2008) and “De Badende Bosnymph” (2007). In 2009 late Borek Sipek made “Doorgang naar Wijsheid”.


Professionalisation of tutors

We are currently producing 2 interactive learning tools on DVD, containing over 100 video clips for the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (Maastricht University) to educate (new) tutors. The DVD’s will have an extended menus-structure for easy navigation.


Media presentations

The Maastricht based “Media Presentations Training Centre” uses our facilities to train policymakers, scientists, managers and directors to “survive” in the modern-day media world.



The Board of Deans of Maastricht University asked us to record all inaugural lectures. They can be seen at the website of Maastricht University.



We participated in the production of the first “Massive Online Open Course” (MOOC) on Problem Based Learning (PBL). 4 small tutorial groups were filmed in our studio, equipped with 4 High Definition broadcast cameras and up to 12 microphones.


Stellar Telemetry

For TSE-Systems we produced a “how-to-video” on implanting a telemetry-device in a laboratory-rat.


Lab meat

Science Vision was asked to produce and distribute stock footage for world leading press agencies and broadcasters (like BBC, Sky News, VRT and ZDF) to cover the breaking news on the first worldwide public presentation of the lab-grown Cultured Beef burger. We filmed over a period of more than six months the development of this Cultured Beef by Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University and his team. This first-ever public tasting highlighted the urgent need to find a sustainable solution to food production.

Human Rights Conference

Former Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans held a lecture on human rights at Maastricht University. Science Vision broadcasted this lecture live from the university auditorium.

Strategy presentation

The results of the future strategy research study conducted by Service Science Factory for a regional broadcaster were presented in Studio 2.  The pleasant atmosphere and the link to modern media greatly appealed to the client. The presentation, delivered in a talk show format, was also a great success. 

Circulation and lungs lecture

We were busy recording lectures from the Circulation and Lungs course for the purpose of creating a reference work for third-year medical students. To ensure optimum audio and video quality, these recordings were made using manned cameras and wireless microphones. 


This English-language learning tool helps explain the basic tenets of pharmacokinetics. The video programme is intended for first-year Health Science and Medicine students at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

A tree of knowledge

We recently finished a film for SHE Collaborates on their project to improve midwifery training in Ghana. Daphne Dumoulin shot a series of photographs in Ghana that formed the basis for this 4-minute film. Science Vision made the musical score and did the (digital) post-editing. The English-language voiceover was provided by Clive Lawrence.  You can watch the video Tree of Knowledge here.

Partner in balance

We participated in a project for the Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology that interviews eight caregivers with (young) partners who suffer from dementia. Together, these eight short films are used to develop a course on how to deal with this distressing illness and the impact it can have on the patients’ partners.  

Upgrade mobile production set

The mobile production set was given a major overhaul and now includes the following upgrades:

  • Integrated fourth camera control unit (CCU)
  • Enhanced shading unit that includes two vector scopes and two Smartview monitors
  • Larger 8” models to replace the camera preview monitors
  • Newly integrated digital audio mixer that brings the number of channels to 16, each with their own compressors, gates and effects

Dies Natalis 2013

Maastricht University celebrated its 37th anniversary – the Dies Natalis – on 14 January 2013 in Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht. Five honorary degrees were conferred during the academic portion of these celebrations. Science Vision provided the audio-visual support and the live stream from the theatre.

Professionalisation of tutors

Science Vision produced an interactive DVD containing 120 video clips for the training of (new) tutors. Also the design and the programming of this bilingual DVD was done by us. 

The biobank

Maastro Clinic has commissioned us to produce a video program on cancer research and the role the Biobank, part of the Maastricht University Medical Centre, plays in this. This bank stores blood samples from over 5000 people with 24 types of cancer. This 6-minute, Dutch-language program contains unique images detailing the blood’s journey through the pneumatic transport system. 

2013 Conference of the Dutch College of general practitioners

We filmed ‘above the Atlantic’ as a teaser for the 2013 national NHG conference teaser.

National prevelance survey care problems (LPZ)

We produced a trilingual program for the School for Primary Health and Public Care (CAPHRI) entitled ‘LPZ – Care in Focus’. This video program shows how the LPZ survey can contribute to improving care in inpatient and outpatient healthcare institutions. Visit the LPZ website for more information.

Presentation courses

The Language Centre offers several English-language courses each year on how to present (scientific) research results. We provide the technical infrastructure and HD-quality video and audio. 

Maastricht School of Management: 60 years

We provided the audio-visual support, live recordings and live streaming of all festivities surrounding the 60th anniversary of MsM.

Socratic dialogue

A learning tool in the form of three DVDs showing the application of this type of treatment as part of cognitive therapy. Circulation: 500. Client: Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University