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Video conferencing

Remote conferencing

Remote conferencing, anytime, anywhere is possible thanks to modern video conferencing technology. It is the ideal way to efficiently discuss, train or provide technical support in these busy times. Tutors in Maastricht and students in Hasselt, Geneva or Brazil: contacts or colleagues from around the country and the world can actively participate in your conference through a high-quality HD connection

The method

Using professional HD technology, your online conference (IP) is possible in real time from anywhere in the world. The live transmission of digital files (e.g. PowerPoint® presentations or video footage) is just one of the many possibilities.  

Science Vision offers multi-camera conferencing options and can take over the full production of your conference to leave the most professional and reliable impression on your discussion partner.

The costs

Science Vision offers video conferencing services at competitive rates that guarantee significant savings in terms of travel time. Internet connection is entirely free of charge, with the condition that the other participants also have professional conferencing equipment. These devices can be rented in most major cities or can be arranged via Science Vision. 

Request Science Vision’s global conferencing services if you are interested in:

  • zero travel time
  • zero travel costs
  • zero jetlag
  • environmentally friendly
  • relaxed communication with the rest of the world directly from Maastricht